It is impossible to give a definitive price for translations without sight of the text concerned, but here is a guide to our charges for normal texts:


Into English

From English

French / German / Italian

130 - 180
150 - 195
Spanish / Portuguese
150 - 195
160 - 240
Dutch / Danish / Swedish / Norwegian
155 - 210
165 - 250

These prices are in Euro (EUR) per 1,000 words, and are exclusive of VAT
(As the work is generally exported from the France or Luxembourg, VAT is zero-rated)

Normal accounting is in Euro.

Payment can be made in any currency (including GBP), at the relevant exchange rate, by prior arrangement.

There may be other charges:

Technical complexity surcharge:  up to 40%
Legal complexity surcharge: up to 40%
Urgency surcharge (next day, weekends etc.):  up to 60%
Ancillary costs (carriage, etc.) at cost
A full price quotation can be given on sight of sample pages.


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