Selection of Work Published

D'Waistrooss -
The Luxembourg Moselle and its Wines
Definitive textbook on the drinks industry in Luxembourg
FIL The official handbook of the International Exhibition Centre in Luxembourg
Profil Every edition of the journal of the International Exhibition Centre in Luxembourg
Voila Luxembourg Each edition of the high quality magazine published twice a year by the Government Press and Information Office
Bernard Massard The promotional book on this major wine producer
SEO The official handbook of the Vianden hydro-electric power station
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Tourist Guide The definitive guide to the Grand Duchy
The City of Luxembourg Tourist Guide The definitive guide to the City of Luxembourg
A Walk through the Green Heart of Europe A small guide to the City of Luxembourg published by The City Tourist Office
CAP '95 Interactive Multimedia Project for The City Tourist Office
Monographs of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg A series of monographs of different Luxembourg regions
1,000 Years in 100 Minutes A guide to the Wenzelsmauer (UNESCO World Heritage)
Rob Kieffer's LUXEMBOURG A major work, touring Luxembourg by hot-air balloon
The Museum of Banking Display texts etc. for the new Museum of Banking
Luxembourg - The Fortress City The history, culture, and modern life in the City of Luxembourg
The Battle for the Ardennes An account of the "Battle of the Bulge" 1944-45
Culinary Luxembourg A splendid volume on all matters of gastronomy
Eis Musel Everything about the River Moselle and its wines
Discover Luxembourg Just what it's title suggests!
Luxembourg City Album Published in collaboration with Luxembourg City Tourist Office
D'Stad Another splendid volume in the series with Culinary Luxembourg and Eis Musel, this time viewing the City of Luxembourg from new angles
Banks and Architecture Banks in Luxembourg, looked at through the eyes of an architect
Many and various cycling, riding, walking and driving guides around the Grand Duchy
Monthly and annual reports for a great many banks, financial and insurance companies
Other journals, monthly magazines, web sites and tourist booklets in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy
Publishers include: Editions Binsfeld, Imprimerie St. Paul, Editions Schortgen, Editions Dexia.
Bob takes particular pride in the menu translation service he provides to hotels and restaurants throughout Europe (an interesting diversion from the highly complex legal texts he normally translates). He also collects examples of laughable menus and would welcome any copies you might care to send.  


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