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Culinary Luxembourg
Country, People and Cuisine

A splendid publication about Luxembourg cuisine, its traditions and its specialities, with over 100 typical recipes and 350 photographs.

English version
240 pages, 278 x 320 mm
Cloth-bound, protective sleeve and slip-case
ISBN: 2-87954-052-6
Price: £59.95

Browse pages: 48, 60, 80, 224

Eis Musel
The River, The Wine, The People

This richly illustrated and carefully researched book is an invitation to take a journey through this most sensual region in the Grand Duchy, through the world of wine growers, cellar masters, lock keepers and barge-captains. The authors (Joseph Colbach for the text and Rob Kieffer for the photographs) spent time both in earthy ancient cellars containing doughty wooden casks, and in pristine modern cellars with their shining stainless steel. For a full year, they followed the Moselle wine growers' work. One of the most charming areas of Luxembourg and its wines are presented in all their diversity

240 pages, more than 350 photos
278 x 320 mm, cloth-bound, protective sleeve, slip-case
ISBN: 2-87954-057-7
Price: £59.95

Browse pages: 176, 179, 206(top), 206(bottom), 211




D'Stad Lëtzebuerg
Expeditions and Impressions

There are countless books on the City of Luxembourg, but until now there has been no volume representing the Capital of the Grand Duchy in such an original and indeed unusual manner as "The City of Luxembourg: Excursions and Impressions". Author Georges Hausemer and photographer Rob Kieffer are not content simply to take the usual well-trodden paths, along the fortress walls, now in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the cobbled alleys of the old part of the city, or past the magnificent buildings on the Bourbon Plateau or the banking and finance centre. They have looked behind the curtains, talked with its inhabitants, and thereby discovered a City of one thousand and one faces. In Pfaffenthal they attended a belly-dancing evening and a rehearsal for "Sang a Klang". They watched airline pilots undergoing training, and accompanied a bicycle courier on his perilous errands. They climbed with the verger to the highest point on the cathedral tower, visited the synagogue to be taught the meaning of the Thora and explored the crypt of the Protestant church.

While on their excursions, Georges Hausemer and Rob Kieffer met all manner of folk: wrestlers from Neudorf, Portuguese footballers, fairground people from the “Fouer”, friends of the fortifications, market stall-holders on the “Knuedler”, artists in the “Schläifmillen”, pigeon breeders, and café owners – they all describe their City as they find it. And what arises is an intimate portrait of the City of Luxembourg, its history, its culture and its citizens.

The book has thirteen chapters, dealing among other things with the everyday exotic of the railway station quarter, old and new life in the casemates, horses and ducks in an urban environment, stages and mechanical diggers, a canoe trip along the River Alzette, perspectives of the Kirchberg and a walk around the Glacis.

240 four-colour pages, more than 380 photographs
Linen-bound with protective sleeve and slip-case
ISBN: 2-87954-076-3
Price: £59.95

Browse pages: 31, 53, 61, 69

Banks and Architecture

Luxembourg is one of Europe's most important financial centres and at the same time its smallest capital. The banks and financial institutions have left their mark on Luxembourg's architecture and skyline.

Among more than 200 banks, Marc Theis shows the most significant exterior and interior views in order to illustrate the great architectural variety.

112 pages, approximately 250 photos
260 x 300 mm, bound, hard cover, protective sleeve
ISBN: 2-87954-090-9
Price: £37.95

Browse pages: 122; 53; 59; ba2;

A Photographic Journey by Hot Air Balloon

Probably no other country, in proportion to its size, has such a dynamic hot air ballooning scene than Luxembourg, which hosted the 12th European Championships in the year 2000.

For a full year, the photographer Rob Kieffer accompanied a balloon team on its many journeys above the Grand Duchy. He pictured all those spectacular and distinctive views which would so fascinate both enthusiasts of ballooning and of photography.

208 pages, 256 photos
278 x 320 mm, cloth bound with protective sleeve
ISBN: 2-87954-037-2
Price: £44.95

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